Wise, Loving, Regal, Beautiful, Adorned and Majestic, You are an AfroGoddess...This Movement reflects a Culture of Love, Honor, Full Joy, Healing, Ascension, Embodiment and Expansion of and Devotion to We Women as the Divine Feminine. Welcome to AfroGoddess’ virtual Goddess Temple! A place where Women can come and Feel Loved... an online Temple of Practical Feminine Mysticism...A MarketPlace...A Unique And Juicy Guide Full of Goodies, Wisdom and Musings, a budding World of Products and Services honoring the Divine Feminine and her Connection to Love, her Beauty, and to The Goddess within and to the Love, Balance and Harmonious Connection To the Masculine Divine...



  • Re- Introducing #HealingTouchTherapy by yours truly 💖🌺🌻🌸👑 I have been on an extreme hiatus from doing Bodywork but I’s back now 🤗 Due to some spiritual restrictions I will only be seeing Femme clients, (here is where a lengthy explanation would go if I felt the need to give one which I don’t so...😆) I am especially interested in providing services to those would like to become regular bi- weekly or monthly clients. Bodywork or Therapeutic Touch is a journey and soooooo many of us are walking around Touch deprived and completely unaware. Do you have tension in your body and lack of flexibility? Do you have problems concentrating or sleeping? Do you have poor circulation? Are you hyperactive, nervous or have high anxiety or panic attacks? Regular Therapeutic Touch can bring quick positive changes to your mood, nervous and circulatory systems 😉...make an appointment to visit my Healing home Temple sanctuary today 💖 ...

    Connecting Women to Love, Beauty and the Goddess Within

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    Summer 2018 🌻💛👑

    Vibrate Higher Spiritual Arts Conference And Expo!

    I will be presenting the following:

    I hope to see you there!

    Fall 2018 Retreat is CLOSED


    Friday, Oct. 26th through Sunday Oct. 28th

    Winter 2018

    Awaken Love Goddess

    Friday December 21st through Sunday 23rd

    Every Goddess Deserves a Temple

    The Astrology of Loving

    Sacred Space Goddess Talks

  • Contributor/Artist Tarra Lu!

    Indigenous Art and Healing for your Goddess Lifestyle

  • The Healing Power Of Indigenous Adornment And Artistry


    AfroGoddess Adornment

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    Self Care Gifts

  • Aromatic EssenSual Oils , Stackable Love Anklets and More💛

    Unique Gifts and Treasures

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    Journeying Goddess/ The HEART experience

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    Belize Retreat 2018

    Dates to be determined

    Join up to 10 other women for a seven day all inclusive healing and cultural excursion in beautiful, tropical Central America! We'll be eating delicious foods, learning about and participating in Belizean culture including The Garifuna And Mayan peoples, and living all things relaxation and wellness.

    Stackable Anklets 💛

    New Item in the MarketPlace 💛

  • New item in the Shop!

    Beautiful Colorful Tapestries

  • Global Goddess Collective

    A Barter and Trade MarketPlace Collective where the Women Artisans, Artists, Healers and select collectors represent themselves and their own interests and acquire goods and services that are relevant to a Goddess lifestyle

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    AfroGoddess Adornment

    One of a kind, Handcrafted with Love

    Yoni Priestess Eardangle

    Afro Funky Chunky Charm Bracelet

    Shamaness Eardangle

    Lunar Yoni Goddess

    Batik Egungun Doll Eardangle

    Magickal Waiste Beads

    Divine Ankle Love

    Golden Goddess Eardangles

    Copper Cauldron Eardangles

    Essensual Perfume Oils

    Awaken Love + JuJu Juice + Black Moon

    High quality Aromatics. A blend of Essential, Resin and Perfume Oils

    Wrapskirts, Lapas and Palace Pants

    Cotton + Rayon

    Beautiful Colorful Wrapskirts, Lapas and Palace Pants made in India

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    Inspiring Women to feel connected to Love, Beauty and to the Goddess Within

    Energy Healing + Reiki + Massage

    Energy Healing + Reiki + Massage

    For Deep Relaxation and Healing schedule an appointment!

    Holistic Wellness Coaching & Consulting

    Well Being + Vitality  

    Intuitive Wellness Coaching and Consulting for support and guidance as you transition off of prescription medications, to safely transition into Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle, for a plan to help eliminate allergies and education on foods, vitamins, supplements and therapies to move you toward your picture of optimal health.

    Sacred Space Goddess

    Because Every Goddess Deserves a Temple

    Astrological Readings/ Consultations and Classes

    Your Birthchart is the Roadmap of your Soul!

    Know Thyself! Discover and Uncover your Soul Path and or Love Style, Demystify Relationships and Events...Know the most and least favorable times take action and to be still...Get a Consultation Today! 



    Love Coaching and Classes

    Learn to feel Loved and Be Loving

    Feeling Loved and Being Loving are the most rewarding ways of being possible.Lets take your Joy and fulfillment to another level!

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    Awaken Love Goddess

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