Wise, Loving, Regal, Beautiful, Adorned and Majestic, You are an AfroGoddess...This Movement reflects a Culture of Love, Honor, Full Joy, Healing, Ascension, Embodiment and Expansion of and Devotion to We Women as the Divine Feminine. Welcome to AfroGoddess, A place where Women can come and Feel Loved... a Temple of Practical Feminine Mysticism...A MarketPlace...A Unique And Juicy Destination Full of Goodies, Wisdom and Musings, a budding World of Products and Services honoring the Divine Feminine and her Connection to Love, her Beauty, and to The Goddess within and to the Love, Balance and Harmonious Connection To the Masculine Divine...


    Awaken Your Inner Goddess

  • Kenya Jah-Afiya OyadaraOsuntola

    CEO, Founder at AfroGoddess

    OoOya- Osun Priest, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Jewelry Artist, Heartfulness Guide, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Sacred Space Goddess, Astrologist, Proprietress/ Founder at AfroGoddess

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