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Introducing Tarra Lu Art

AfroGoddess’ First Contributor

· Artful Goddess

Welcome AfroGoddess’ first Contributor💛 Tarra Lu! Tarra Lu is a Haitian- American artist and certified reiki practioner, currently living in Charlotte, NC. Having lived a nomadic lifestyle, she has had a rich life filled to the brim with myriad ways of living. It is these influences that feed the eccentric soul of her work. Tarra’s paintings explore the female form within the context of emotional vulnerability, wrapped in the bold contrast of a Caribbean inspired color palette. Raised by quirky and mysterious women, she has been always been drawn to eclectic personalities. As she grew up she understood how these women had become a part of her, how her artwork exudes the essence of these women. Understanding this instilled in her a sense of self love and appreciation as she perpetuates within her art work, because love for self naturally evolves into love for others

Beautiful Vivid and Vivacious Original Works and Prints by Artist/ Entrepreneur Tarra Lu 💛 Who’s Work was included in the We’Moon Calendar! She has a Goddess Zodiac Calendar that with her very own works of Art which highlight and Celebrate Mundane and Esoteric Feminine Imagery...Explore her works and Take some home for yourself! You can find her work in the MarketPlace on this site 😉

Check out her 2018 Pieces!

Tarra’s work has been featured in the past 2 We’Moon Calendars!

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